Carol Hodgson Arena

The Carol Hodgson Arena is located at 43420  Pine Grove Road.

The arena features concessions, restroom facilities, RV hook-ups and bleacher seating.

For information on renting the facility or Memberships, call Ronda Akins at 251-580-1610.

Arena Rental Fees

$350 non-member

$300 member

$50 refundable deposit for any event charging admission or using concession stand.

Renter is responsible for cleanup of arena, grounds and concession areas. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of deposit and may result in rejection of using the arena in the future.

Membership Fees

Annual member dures are $100 per family per year (January 1 to December 31) and this includes parents and children under 21 living in same household.

Membership entitles the family to:

1) receive discounts on rental of the facility;

2) use of the facility when not leased;

3) use of facility with lights until 10 p.m. as follows: Monday and Wednesday evenings are for time event practice and Tuesday and Thursday evenings are for roping event practice.



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