Public Works Department

Lamar Hadley, Public Works Supervisor



Trash Pickup Schedule

Douglasville, Gracelane, Green Acres and the west side of Hand Avenue

Remainder of south of the Railroad and eastside of Hand Avenue

In town and appliances

Holiday Information

Trash Pickup will resume following any holiday recognized by the City of Bay Minette. If your route is missed because of a holiday, it will not run again until the next scheduled pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the City pickup the trees I had cut out of my yard?
A. No, it is the responsibility of the tree service and the homeowner to dispose of trees that have been cut from their land. If a tree has been cut down and is placed on the city right-of-way, the homeowner and/or the tree service may be issued a citation.

Q. My neighbor has not cut his yard in several weeks and/or has trash and old tires stored in their yard. Can anything be done?
A. Yes, contact the Building Official and give the address and description of the property and problem. The Building Official will investigate to see if city codes and ordinances are being violated.

Q. Does the city issue garbage cans to households?
A. No, each household is responsible for their own garbage cans. We do recommend that garbage cans be no larger than 30 gallon size. Anything larger is difficult for our handlers to pick up. House hold debris should be separated from yard debris.

Q. Where do I place my debris for pick up?
A. Place household and yard debris on the city right of way, but do not place any material in the ditch. Placing material in the ditch is a violation of city codes.